Mustang Washrooms identifies and responds to the ever changing needs of the client and the industry. To achieve the highest standards of service, the company continues to improve its environmental performance at every opportunity as it takes washroom solutions into the 21st Century.

  • We build long-term relationships with our clients to help them meet the growing need to care for the environment, and to comply with changes in legislation for washroom services and hygiene services.
  • As a licensed waste carrier you can be assured that all waste is correctly disposed of so that you meet your own obligations under the Environmental Protection Act.
  • Disposal of sanitary waste is a requirement of modern living and should be carried out responsibly. Over two billion items of sanitary protection are flushed down British toilets every year, 7.2% of waste on beaches is sanitary related debris. We have all waste incinerated, helping to avoid possible future environmental issues associated with land-fill or dumping at sea.
  • All the waste product collected from our clients’ premises is directly transported to licensed incineration plants, minimising the risks of cross contamination through handling and storage. Conservation of our natural water resource is everyone’s duty. With our water management systems, Mustang Washrooms helps to reduce water consumption by up to 90%.
  • We use eco-friendly products whenever possible to demonstrate commitment to a safer future.