Mustang washrooms full-service approach

In our new corporate video, we are excited to introduce our full-service approach that ensures every aspect of your washroom is meticulously taken care of to the highest standards. Our innovative feature of photographing the actual location where our operatives will be visiting to clean and service your washrooms adds an extra layer of transparency and accountability to our already exceptional service.

Mustang Washrooms guarantees that every task is completed to perfection. From refilling soap dispensers to emptying sanitary bins and replacing air freshener units, you can trust that every detail is attended to. Our unique barcode monitoring system sets us apart in the industry, providing you with peace of mind and assurance that every service has been carried out as required.

The Service, Scan, and Sign off system is at the core of our operations, ensuring that your washrooms are always fully stocked, waste-free, and in optimal working condition.

Here's how it works:

Service: A day before your scheduled service, our engineers receive a list of their tasks via their PDAs. You are promptly notified that the service is due the next working day, along with the engineer's name and vehicle registration details for added security.

Scan: Each Mustang Washrooms item is equipped with a unique barcode, allowing us to maintain a real-time record of all services provided. Our engineers scan each item as they service it, ensuring that every component is accounted for. Any discrepancies are promptly addressed by entering a reason code to resolve issues efficiently.

Sign off: Once the service and scan are completed, the job is signed off and closed. An email is automatically sent to you with live-time details and a signature as proof of acceptance. This final stage of the process guarantees that every task has been successfully executed.

With our barcode monitoring system in place, you can have full confidence that every item in your washroom is serviced correctly.

Mustang Washrooms stands out as a leading washroom and hygiene service provider in the UK, committed to delivering excellence and reliability with every service we provide.

The Mustang Difference - Service, Scan, Signoff.

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