How it works

When your washrooms are serviced, can you ever be sure that every job has been completed to your exacting standards? You can now be 100% confident that every soap dispenser has been filled, every sanitary bin emptied and every air freshener unit replaced - and Mustang Washrooms will even let you know exactly when it was done.

With Mustang's unique barcode monitoring system., you will know that every service has been carried out as required when the operator scans each barcode. The client will then receive email sign off - with a signature as proof - when the job has been completed.

Our Service, Scan and Sign off system has helped to keep us at the forefront of the industry, whilst ensuring every one of our clients' washrooms are stocked up, waste-free and fully functional.



The day before the client's service is due we send our engineers (via their PDA’s) a list of their jobs. As soon as this list has been sent to our staff, the clients will receive an email informing them that the service is due the next working day. For additional peace of mind, the client will receive confirmation of the engineer's name and his/her vehicle registration details.

As the operator services the washroom unit, they will scan each item that they service - signalling the second stage in our highly innovative three stage barcode monitoring system.


Each individual Mustang Washrooms item has its own unique bar code which will allow us to keep a real-time record of all the services we provide. Our engineers will service each item and scan its bar code as they do so. If for some reason the item is missing, or the barcode is missing, they will have to enter a reason code to ensure we resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Once the item has been serviced and scanned, the operator has to complete the job with the third and final stage - official sign off.

Sign off

After the service and scan has been carried out, the job is then signed off and closed as finished. It is at this point an email is sent to the customer with the proof of acceptance showing live time details and the sign off signature.

As we use this unique barcode monitoring system, you can be sure that every item in every washroom is serviced as it should be. That’s why Mustang Washrooms is one of the UK’s leading washroom and hygiene service providers.