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  • MVP Luxury Foaming Soap 4x1ltr

    MVP Luxury Foaming Soap provides a luxurious soap, promoting maximum hygiene, leaving hands clean. Sanitex MVP Soap Refills help to keep hands clean, ensuring optimum hygiene at all times.


  • Black Sacks 90L x200

    Heavy Duty Black Sacks. Case of 200. CHSA approved to 15kg Made from 95% recycled material.


  • Square Office Bin Liners Case of 1000

    Popular standard size, light duty square bin liners. These are ideal for bins situated in the office, kitchen. 1000 liners flat-packed per box, these are also fantastic value.


  • Yellow Tiger Stripe Sack 1x200

    yellow and black tiger-stripe bags are used for disposal of non-infectious but offensive hygiene waste. These are rated to 15kg Yellow Tiger Stripe Sack 200pcs/carton (8 rolls x 25pcs).


  • Antimicrobial Scented Bin Liners 10 Rolls of 25

    With protection against bacterial build up, from harmful germs such as MRSA, E.Coli & Legionella giving safe, effective & permanent protection. Odour eliminating technology inside the liner ensures bad smells are eradicated & provides a pleasant fragrance.


  • Ladysafe Sanitary Disposal Bags 1 Pack Of 25 Bags

    Ladysafe simple bag designed for the safe disposal of dressings and female hygiene products. The body of the bag prevents soakout and the bag can be sealed to avoid leakages For use in Ladysafe dispensers


  • V-Screen 30 day Urinal Screen 1x12

    V-Screen urinal screens offer an effective means of keeping drains & urinals free flowing while urinals smelling clean. The economical V-Screen, fits over the drain or urinal, acting as a net to catch debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes, paper & other waste. V-Screen is part of the 'Harmonize Your World' range of passive aircare products - avoiding the fragrance clash in washrooms.


  • Wee Screen 1x10

    Wee-Screen Urinal Screen is a 30 day fragrance solution for most urinal shapes & sizes. Made from EVA & recyclable, Wee-Screen is an effective solution that reduces bad smells for up to 30 days with a deep bubble design that prevents splash back and drain blockages. Interlacing strips of EVA material form a strong lattice, making Wee-Screen less rigid than other screens.


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