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  • V-Fresh Air Freshener 1x12

    V-Fresh is a solid state universal air freshener that can be easily installed onto any hard surface using the suction cup provided.


  • EcoShell Air Freshener 1x12

    The stylish EcoShell universal air freshener is a non-aerosol scent solution that brings a variety of locations ‘out of their shell’. Just Clip and go.


  • Biological Urinal Cap

    Each cap houses a bacteria block which slowly doses the connecting trap and pipework, creating a friendly bacteria environment that digests the fats and solids in our urine. The bacteria block also contains pleasant fragrances to combat all the nasties associated with public and commercial toilets.


  • Ureco Urinal Sleeve

    The Ureco is an eco-friendly innovation that helps prevent costly urinal blockages and foul odours. Saves establishment water and money Helps prevent urinal blockages Substantially reduces foul odours Helps to protect the environment Improves the overall washroom experience


  • Quadrasan Dispenser White/Chrome

    Quadrasan is a cleaning & dosing dispensing system, providing programmable maintenance for urinal fixtures, toilets and washrooms. Quadrasan ensures toilets & urinals remain clean & odour free.


  • Quadrasan Citrus Tingle Refills 6x310ml

    Quadrasan refills ensure toilets & urinals remain clean & odour free. A choice of fragrances are provided - in biological and chemical formats. Quadrasan refills fit the Quadrasan Family Dispenser, Quadrasan MVP Dispenser and other cleaning & dosing systems.


  • Safeseat MVP Dispenser White

    Safeseat MVP surface cleaner dispenser cleans & sanitizes surfaces effectively before & after use. The Safeseat MVP formulation is ultra quick drying & effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on & around toilet fixtures as well as other surfaces.


  • Safeseat Surface Cleaner 6x365ml

    Toilet seat sanitizer Toilet sanitising fluid refills Gives the opportunity to clean and sanitize the toilet seat before use Ultra-quick drying chemical and pleasantly perfumed Each refill has the capacity for 1000 cleaning/sanitizing operations


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