Automatic ozone generator

The 'Prozone' automatic ozone generator from Mustang Washrooms recreates the natural generation of ozone, destroying harmful micro-organisms to neutralise unpleasant smells and leave an attractive and fresh washroom environment. Able to penetrate the most inaccessible locations, the ozone generation process leaves no chemical residue and all 'unused' ozone reverts to oxygen within a short time.

Prozone Automatic Ozone Generator

  • Neutral white ABS casing (compatible with any décor)
  • LED confirms power on
  • Adjustable ozone production to match room size
  • LED confirms rate of ozone production
  • Programmable ozone production - Day/Night/24hrs
  • Suitable for fixed installation or portable applications

Install the Prozone unit in your washroom and benefit from vastly improved hygiene conditions across all surfaces including doors, handles, sinks and surrounding areas to provide your clients, visitors and staff with a pleasant washroom experience every time.