Clinical Waste Disposal

Mustang Washrooms are one of the leading clinical waste disposal companies in the UK providing a reliable and efficient medical waste collection and disposal service to our clients.

Our medical waste disposal service is designed to ensure the safe and reliable disposal of medical waste.

medical waste bin provision

As part of our clinical waste service we provide a yellow medical waste bin that comes with a modesty lid to ensure contents are restricted from the user's view to provide a more pleasant washroom environment for all users. Each unit also comes with a large 50 litre capacity.

Odour free washrooms

Each unit is dosed with high energy germicidal powder, Neutrawaste, which is used to deactivate pathogens and destroy offensive odours in your washrooms. This not only keeps the units smelling clean and fresh but also prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria.

Our commitment to caring for the environment

At Mustang Washrooms we understand the importance of environmental care. As such we ensure that soiled dressings, sharps disposal and other medical waste products are disposed of in line with Environmental Protection Act 1991. We see this not just as fulfilling our duty of care but also as helping to protect the environment.

Waste Transfer Documentation

Our clinical waste management services come with full waste transfer documentation as standard. This forms our part of our standard service and is included within our prices to ensure our clients have full documentation of all clinical waste disposal.