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In need of a reliable and efficient washroom service in Kent? Mustang Washrooms delivers top-tier solutions that prioritise cleanliness and care. It's time to enhance your hygiene standards with us! 

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How It Works

Our service is straightforward and user-friendly. We begin by surveying your facilities and identifying your specific needs. Next, we create a washroom hygiene schedule tailored to your business.


Pre-Service Notification

The day before your scheduled washroom service, we send our engineers their assignments via their PDAs and notify you by email. This email includes the engineer's name and vehicle registration details for your peace of mind and transparency regarding the upcoming service.

Scanning and Servicing

Our engineer meticulously services each washroom unit, refilling soap dispnsers, emptying sanitary bins, and replacing air fresheners. They scan each item's unique barcode to record the service in real-time, ensuring no detail is missed. If an item or barcode is missing, the engineer submits a reason code to resolve any issues quickly.

Completion and Confirmation

After the engineer completes the servicing and scanning, they sign off, marking the job as complete. This action triggers an automated email to you, which includes a live timestamp and the engineer's signature as proof of service. This final step ensures that your washroom service meets the highest standards, leaving your facilities stocked, clean, and fully functional.


Benefits of Choosing Us

Mustang Washrooms offers unique advantages! Our barcode monitoring system ensures real-time tracking of your facilities. Our supplies are of high quality, and we constantly replenish toilet supplies, keeping your washrooms neat and fresh!

Unmatched Client Care

Experience unparalleled attention with Mustang Washrooms. We pride ourselves on our dedication to client satisfaction, ensuring every washroom is maintained to the highest standards. Our commitment means fresh, clean, and odour-free washrooms for your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Let us take care of the details and enjoy a worry-free washroom experience. 

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Eco-Friendly Excellence

Choosing Mustang means investing in a greener future. As a carbon-neutral company, we're not just about exceptional washroom services but about making a difference. Our eco-conscious approach reduces your carbon footprint, marrying quality with sustainability. Enjoy top-notch hygiene services that also help the planet. 

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Tailored Hygiene Solutions

Discover the perfect blend of variety and quality with our comprehensive range of washroom services. From sanitary disposal to air fresheners and vending systems, we tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs. Benefit from our expertise in creating hygienic, welcoming washrooms that reflect well on your business. Mustang Washrooms in Kent - where service meets satisfaction. 

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Why Choose Us?

We offer specialised washroom services that meet your unique needs. Our exceptional customer service and innovative solutions make us the best choice for washroom care in Kent. Learn more about our unique barcode monitoring system.

Experience the Mustang Difference

Choose Mustang Washrooms and experience a cleaner, fresher, and more hygienic washroom environment like never before. Our finely tuned solutions and dedicated services make us stand out in the washroom services field.

Elevate Your Washroom Standards Now!

Don't compromise on cleanliness and hygiene. Choose Mustang Washrooms, your reliable partner for superior washroom service in Kent. Boost your hygiene standards with our exceptional service, innovative solutions, and constant care. Schedule your washroom service in Kent today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do Mustang Washrooms provide?

Mustang Washrooms provides comprehensive and efficient washroom services designed to enhance hygiene standards. This includes a regular maintenance program that ensures constant cleanliness and care for your facilities.

How does your washroom service work?

Our approach is user-friendly and straightforward. Initially, we will survey your establishment to establish your specific hygiene needs. We then design a customised washroom service schedule and implement it alongside regular service checks to keep your facilities clean and fresh.

What differentiates Mustang Washrooms from other washroom service providers?

Mustang Washrooms stands apart for our unrivalled customer care, innovative solutions such as our unique barcode monitoring system, and our high-quality supplies. We strive to meet your unique needs with dedication and professionalism.

How can I schedule a washroom service with Mustang Washrooms?

To schedule your washroom service in Kent today, click here. Our team will be in touch promptly to discuss your needs and arrange a convenient time for service.

Can you provide specific pricing for your washroom services?

Every establishment's washroom needs are unique. Therefore, pricing varies depending on the specific services required, the size, and the complexity of your facilities. We'd be happy to provide a tailored quote after assessing your requirements.